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You may send in a Reservation Request for the Summer Season at any time after January, but we do not start making Reservations until after April 15. Please use our email for inquiries, and not the request form.

Online reservations requests are required. High season rates and payment deadlines are updated by the end of February each year. Please be sure to read and understand our deposit, payment & cancellation policies that are printed clearly on the bottom of our reservation form here…

Rates May 1,2022 to May 1,2023



plus gst


(includes hydro, plus gst


(hydro charges extra)

Winter Packages: October, November, December, January, February, March, April

3 month cancellation policy

Please contact office for details on deposit and payments



1-2 month stay $700 plus gst 

3-5 month winter package $625 plus gst

6-7 month winter package $575 gst included



$330.00     (1 free night!)

$825 plus gst plus elec. 

May Long weekend

min 3 night stay




June 1- 24


$360   (1   free night!)


June 25 —Sept 5

High Season




 Vacation rentals

2 to 4 bedrooms


 $200 to $850 per night

Additional fees:

$75 – $200 cleaning fee


September 6-30


$360     (1 free night)


*All Monthly rates are subject to hydro usage fees

GST is added to all rates except for the winter package of 6-7 months

*High season long weekends: longer stays of a week or more will receive priority

*Each reservation during High season is subject to the following booking admin fee

$50 for stays over 2 weeks

$25 for 4 to 14 nights

$10 for 1 to 3 nights

*May and Sept. Long weekend reservations must be paid in full within 24 hours of the reservation, 3 night min, no refunds


Free WIRELESS INTERNET is available in the Resort patio area, but Not at your site. Digital cable boxes are available for rent at the office 

Cable box rentals: subject to availability, first come first served

$8/Day  $40/Week , $80 per month plus gst

$45 month  plus gst during Oct 1 to April 30 for the winter packages of 5 months or more.

Extra charges are applicable during High Season only, June 26 to Sept 7, 

Rates are for 4 persons in your camping party, adults or children.
Additional adults $10 per day     Additional children $5 per day
Pets (max 2) $5.00/day/pet

Tent (on site with an rv) $25.00/night  Please note, we dont have tent sites, but a tent is allowed on concrete pad along with an rv

Oversized RV’s   32′ to 39.5: $6/night   40′ and over: $12/night

Buoy rentals (limited # available so reserve at time of booking) $20/night    $100/week   $150/2 weeks to a month

Long weekend surcharges

June 25 to July 5

$5 per night

July 27 to Aug 8

$10 per night

**** monthly rates (hydro charges are extra)

You are welcome to send in your Reservation Request at any time past January 1,  for the July/August season, but we do not start making reservations until April 15. You are welcome to request a specific site but we DO NOT guarantee a specific site and we must reserve the right to change your site prior to your arrival in order to fit in various size RV’s and longer stays.

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Island View RV Resort Rules & Regulations

This property is privately owned & operated. We reserve the right to refuse service and will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to our guests or loss of equipment or valuables of any kind.

SPEED LIMIT – 10 km/h

CHECK OUT TIME – 11:00 a.m.
If you wish to stay longer please check if your site is available and re-register before 11:00 a.m.

CHECK IN TIME: 1 pm to 9 pm

SECURITY – Front gates are closed from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

RV’s must be in good condition and good repair. Vehicles and RV’s must not be dripping oil in sites or resort. Oil spots are subject to a $100 clean up fee. Access to the lot must be allowed for maintenance purposes ie: grasscutting, checking sprinklers. Sprinkler systems are on a daily rotational basis during the shoulder and high seasons. Please ensure your belongings do not remain on the grass for extended periods of time which will damage the lawn. Damage to lawns/lots will be subject to repair charges. Sewage spills must be prevented by you, but in the event of it, you must report to the office and do a thorough clean up or subject to cleanup fees.

Tents alone are not allowed as we are zoned an RV Resort. (Tent trailers are allowed since they are considered an RV). A tent is allowed along with an RV, subject to additional fees, and must be on the concrete pad behind the RV.

CAMPFIRES – Not Permitted as per the Town of Osoyoos bylaws.
Propane campfires are permitted.

VISITORS – Must follow all rules of the resort, and depart by 11 p.m. You are responsible for your visitors.

BEACH & BOAT LAUNCH – Use at your own risk as NO LIFEGUARDS are on duty. The Beach is private and for the use of those staying at Island View RV Resort.  Do not remove or move buoys or anchors belonging to others. The dock is for boat use only, and during high season must be for loading/unloading purposes only. Please no diving at the dock.

Pets are not allowed in restrooms, laundry room, our private beach, and playground . Do not allow your dog to roam to others sites, or do their business on others sites while walking past. Unattended barking dogs are very annoying and subject to fines or possible eviction. Do not bring aggressive dogs to the resort, Aggressive dogs will not be tolerated and subject to eviction.
CLEAN UP after your animals immediately and dispose in the dumpster. Not picking up after your pet is subject to eviction.

SMOKING – Smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings including:  office, laundry, shower and bathroom facilities, or resort common areas,. Do not throw butts in your lot, common areas, streets. The beach and patio is non smoking as well as streets in the resort. Be courteous of your neighbours,

BEACH – strictly CLOSES AT 11 pm. The Beach is non smoking and you must not bring glass containers or pets to the beach.

EVICTIONS will not be given refunds

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