Covid 19 information

We ask all who are considering a stay with us to NOT come here if sick, or been exposed to anyone with Covid 19.

We are recommending social distancing, and you must respect others distancing decisions. We are requesting more diligent supervision of children due to the pandemic. Masks are mandatory in our office and laundry room. Bathroom/shower facilities we are recomending masks.

We are not taking any customers who have the need to Quarantine after international travels during the period between June 20 to sept 20. Other time frames, MUST have our permission, on a case by case situation. People travelling for essential reasons will be decided on a case by case situation.

We are currently restricting numbers per site and may at any time make further restrictions or disallow visitors from outside of the resort

We have hand sanitizing stations set up at each of the buildings, and encourage the usage.

Please respect our staff’s need to distance if they request you to do so, during their job requirements. When the washrooms are being cleaned, there is no admittance.

Please be prepared that you should be as self contained as possible, and that services/washrooms could change due to covid.

We prefer all arrivals have pre-approved reservations, and may have minimum stays in place to reduce turnover in our resort and town.

Please be aware of the current travel “restrictions” and up to date with accurate current information such as

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes at any time to our booking procedures, and facilities may close without notice.

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